Equipment Modifications

R-390A Audio

Johnson Ranger (Simple)

Johnson Ranger by The TimTron

Johnson Viking I and II 

Another Viking I and II Mod      

Eico 730 Modulator by Steve, WB3HUZ

Collins 32V

Globe Scout 680

Heathkit DX-60

T-368 by the TimTron                          

Hammarlund SP-600

BC-610 by N3EYR

Screen Modulation Optimization for the DX-100 by Dean, WA1KNX

Drive Pot Repair for the DX-100

FT-101 Audio Mods

DX-100 Audio Mods - by the TimTron

Collins 32V AC Wiring Danger - by Chuck, WA4HHG

FT-102 Audio Mods - by Bill, W3DUQ

DX-100 Mods - by Ed, AA8TV

Drake T-4 Audio Mods by Tom, K1JJ

Drake TR-7 Audio Mods by Rick, W3RSW

Apache Audio Mods by Fran, W3SCC

DX-60 Audio Mods by Bill, WC3K

Viking 500 Audio Mods by Tim, WA1HLR

Collins 75A-4 Audio Mods - by Don, K4KYV

HQ Series Receiver Audio Mods - by Larry, W9MDX

Johnson Valiant Mods - by Keith, WA1HZK

DX-60 Audio Mods - by Bob, K4TAX

PTT for Viking II

FT-102 Overshoot Fix - by Mal, NC4L

T-368 Audio Mods - by Steve, N9FOY

FT-1000D Mods - by Bill, W3DUQ

HW100/101 & SB101/102 Mods - by Chris, KD2XA

FT-102 AM Net Fix - by Mal, NC4L

Invader 2000 - by Frank, KB3AHE

Drake TR-4 AM Filter - by Giorgio, IN3IEX

Drake TR-4 ALC - by Giorgio, IN3IEX

Drake TR-4 Audio - by Giorgio, IN3IEX

Drake TR-4 Mixer Improvement - by Giorgio, IN3IEX

PTT for DX-60B - by Don, W4BWS

Kenwood TS-440 Mods - by Dave, W2VW

Hallicrafters HT-37 Audio Mods by Jeff, W2NBC

Kenwood TS-940S Audio Mods by Don, KE1IZ

NEWJohnson Valiant Mods by Tim, WA1HLR


19 December 2011

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