Two 813's Modulating Two 813's RF Deck

Alias: "Tesla 300"


RF Deck

The rumor has it that Tom, K1JJ scribbled the original of this schematic out on the kitchen table of Craig, KA1ZEQ one evening. This is the 813 based rig you hear these "bigboys" using from time to time in the Northeast. Before you go trying to build one these, remember there are lethal voltages running around inside, so please, BE CAREFUL!

The values for current are minimums, so you may use whatever you have, or can get, in regards to current ratings. For the Heising Choke, and the Modulation Transformer you have some room also, as long as you use ratings at, or higher, than those shown.

Get the details on the power supply here.


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20 October 2001