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    Boatanchor Restoration Info - a great tutorial on finding, restoring, updating and operating vintage Ham Radios. Highly recommended for new comers.

    Boatanhors Mail List - subscribe info and archive.

    Boatanchors (at The Porch) Archive - lot of good info here.

    Cakepan Radios - check out the kits at the Vintage Radio Kit Co. Available through Ocean State Electronics.

    Clegg Mail List - subscribe info and and an archive are available.

    Collins - WA3KEY Virtual Collins Museum. Lot's of pix and info on Collins radios.

    Collins Mail List - subscribe info and archive.

    Collins Radio Association - "a group of Collins enthusiasts who enjoy operating and discussing what's possibly the best amateur radio ever built!"

    Drake Mail List - subscribe info and an archive are available.

    Drake Museum - info and photos of nearly every Drake product. The site proclaims "Drake - Made in America" but this site is made and hosted in Belgiium! Isn't the Internet great?

    Eico Mail List - subscribe info and an archive are available.

    Gonset Mail List - subscribe info and an archive are available.

    Gonset Webpage - G Info in the G Boxes

    Hallicrafters Mail List - subscribe info and an archive are available.

    Hammarlund Mail List - subscribe info and an archive are available.

    Heathkit Mail List - subscribe info and an archive are available.

    Hobby Broadcaster.net - Part 15 compliant transmitters, info on station, setup, audio processing and other stuff of possible interest to AMers.

    E. F. Johnson Mail List - subscribe info and an archive are available.

    Lafayette Mail List - subscribe info and an archive are available.

    Low Power Radio - Part 15 compliant AM transmitters and kits.

    Military - A huge site with tons of info on military gear, including descriptions and schematics. Kudos to Bill, NJ7P

    Military - A big site by Erwin PE1MGR dedicated to collecting and restoring older professional receivers and transmitters.

    Military Comms Mail List - subscribe info and an archive are available.

    Military Surplus Mail List - subscribe info and an archive are available.

    National Mail List - subscribe info and an archive are available.

    R-390 (A) Mail List - subscribe info and an archive are available.

    R-390A Web Page - This page is run by noted R-390 expert Chuck Rippel. You know it has good info!

    RCA Mail List - subscribe info and an archive are available.

    SP-600, R-390A, R-388 - Jose, EB5AGV has info and schematics on these fine receivers. Lots of other good stuff ont this site including manuals for Hewlett-Packard and Tektronix test equipment.

    Technical Materials Corp. (TMC) Mail List - subscribe info and an archive are available.

    Vintage Radio Mail List - subscribe info and an archive are available.

    World Radio Labs (WRL) Mail List - subscribe info and an archive are available.

    Yaesu - a Yahoo Group that covers FT-101, FT-101B, FT-101E, through the FT-101F, FL-2100B including all Yaesu accesories. Yaesu Twins FR-101, FL-101, FT-620B, FT-220, FT-221, FT-101ZD, FL-2100Z, FT-901, FT-901DM, FT-920 FT-102, FT-757Gx, GXII, FT-767, FT-7, FT-7B, FT-227R, CPU-2500R and other more recent models such as the FT-100D FT-1000D.

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    W7FG Vintage Manuals - Well, the manuals aren't vintage, but they're for vintage gear.

    Ham Manuals - a complete set of operation and service manuals for the entire Drake line - 1A to R8 on CD ROM! Coming soon, the same thing for Signal One gear.

    Boat Anchor Manuals Archive - this archive has manuals for every major radio manufacturer and quite a few minor ones.

    The Manual Man - The Manual Man is Pete, WA2CWA, a fellow AMer, and he has over 6000 manuals for vintage equipment.

    Radio Reprints - manuals for Ameco, Collins, Drake, Gonset, Hallicrafters, Hammarlund, Johnson, and National.

    W4QCF Radio Manuals - lots of manuals including operating and service manuals for radio amateurs and antique buffs, test equipment manuals, ARRL ham radio or vintage QST publications.

    Antique Transformer and Parts Catalogs and Specifications - catalogs, spec sheets, brochures and other literature from Amphenol, Centralab, Chicago, Stancor, Thordarson, UTC. Plenty of good tech info to be had! Thanks to Patrick Jankwowiak.

    ARDCO Electronics - specializes in Providing reprints of Hallicrafters brand service manuals. Plans to add other manuals in the near future.

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    RF Safety Calculator - This isn't directly connected to AM and vintage radio BUT, as of 1998, all amateurs must comply with the new FCC RF safety regs. This site allows you to see if you are in compliance. Note there is a penalty for making old buzzard transmissions under the new regs!

    Javascript Resistor Color Code Calculator - Can't remember the color code? This calculator will do it for you and show you the resistor in living color!

    Pavek Museum of Broadcasting - located near Minneapolis, MN, this museum houses all kinds of broadcast history from a Century. spark-gap transmitter to a 50's vintage radio studio. The Web page only shows the highlights. You must visit the museum on person to get the full show.

    The Southern Appalachian Radio Museum - located a few miles from the Blue Ridge Parkway on the campus of the Asheville-Buncombe Technical Community College near downtown Asheville. Exhibits range from Atwater Kent, Philco, Silvertone, Hammarlund, Harvey Wells, Swan, test instruments, spark gap transmitters, keys, ancient QSL cards and more! Also includes amateur radio station W4AFM.

    Electric Radio - Alive and Well - a Powerpoint presentation on AM operation and vintage radio restoration in Amatuer radio, presented by the Murray State University Amateur Radio Club.

    NewAM SIEMPRE AM - AM in Chile and other parts of South America.  

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Newsgroups and the Like


    Fair Radio - tons of good stuff and surplus since 1947.

    MECI - lots of smaller parts, components and miscellaneous items.

    Radio Works - antennas and related items.

    Brian Carling's Page - links and text files for tons of parts sources.

    Surplus Al - a fixture at East Coast hamfests, Military manuals, crystals and more.

    Hammond - transformers (including a special vintage line) and enclosures.

    Radio Devices - lots of parts, kits, antennas and books.

    Dan's Small Parts & Kits - The name sez it all.

    Northland Radio - All kinds of parts and equipment: audio processors, transmitters, transformers, tubes and more. Go see fellow AMer, Dale, VE3AAM.

    Spire Audio - sells both standard and custom made heavy duty chassis. They'll also cut holes, as directed.

    Antique Electronics Supply - this is the Mecca for those into restoration and repair of old radio of all types.

    Boatanchor Classifeds - buy, sell and swap boatanchors of all types. The ads are even searchable!

    SBE Electronics - these people make the Orange Drop® capacitors!!

    Angela Instruments - caps, chassis, resistors, transformers, tubes and other audio stuff.

    Daburn Electronics - electronic wire (including HV), cable, shrink tubing, sleeving, fastening devices, plugs and jacks, porcelain insulators and more.

    Peter W. Dahl Co. - You want transformers, they got 'em!

    Murphy's Surplus Warehouse - Commercial and military surplus gear, parts, antennas and more.

Frontier Capacitor - a great source for 450 volts caps. No website. Call (701) 378-2341 or fax (701) 378-2551.

Byers Chassis Kits - homebrewers can get what you need from Charlie, K3IWK, including chassis and custom enclosures.

NORTEX Electronic Co. - Surplus Electronics Equipment, Accessories, and Parts.

Petersen Radio Co., Inc. - crystals for hams and hobbiests. Orders via email. For info call (712) 323-7539.

Ocean State Electronics - lots of small parts, tools and hard to find items.

Total Electronics - bought out ALO Paints. They offer part, paints ans restoration services for vintage radios.

T&M Electronics - tons of parts and tools includes the ever elusive Bristol Spline for the R-390As and hard to find old buzzars style microphone plugs.

Apex Jr. - cap, tubes, transformers and more.

Jewell Instruments - get your meters repaired here!! POC: Bob Larson

Par-Metal - chassis, cabinet and racks - a homebrewers delight.

Proline Metal Fabricators - rack chassis, panels, handles, slides .... They have rack stuff!

ACK Electronics - tons of parts for the builder and experimenter from caps to chassis punches. They also have a great printed catalog.

Almost All Digital Electronics - the name doesn't sound like something of interest to vintage radio types, but here you can get digital frequency readout kits that will work with almost any old radio. With these, you'll alway know what frequency your on, right down to 100 Hz or better.

Audio Test Signals - from the National Association of Broadcasters, get the NAB BROADCAST and AUDIO SYSTEM TEST CD-Vol. I that contains 24 test signal categories useful for broadcast and audio engineers. Great for testing your transmitters or audio amps.

I.C. Engineering - produce portable RF field strength meters great for antenna testing, RF sniffing, RFI investigations, etc.


    Electric Radio - Electric Radio (ER) is currently the premier AM related publication. ER has been published monthly since 1989. Although it covers all aspects of vintage ham radio to include CW and SSB, it concentrates on AM. ER is now under new ownership/editorship - Ray Osterwald, N0DMS. The new mailing ansd email addresses are below along with a link to their new webn site! http://www.ermag.com/index.cfm

    PO Box 582,
    Pine, CO 80470-0582
    Phone/FAX 720-924-0171
    e-mail: mailto:er@OfficeOnWeb.net

    Web: http://www.ermag.com

    The Electric Radio Index - a searchable index of ER articles and photos is available online or a downloadable version for DOS/Windows , Macintosh and Linux/UNIX users. Get the details.

    The AM Press/Exchange - The AM Press Exchange is the oldest AM publication and is devoted entirely to AM. It has been published since the late 1970's and has generally been more technical in its content than ER. Unfortunately, it has been published sporadically over the last several years. Now, back issues are available on the Web.

    The AM Press/Exchange
    2116 Old Dover Road
    Woodlawn, TN 37191

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    Audio Tube Data - scanned pages from tube manuals,about 50 types, mostly miniature and audio types.

    DEMOSTENES - Mail order tubes and tube related books from Norway.

    New Sensor -Sovtek, Svetlana, JAN, EI, Tesla, Chinese tubes. Mostly audio and small types.

    Radio Electric Supply - Electron Tubes For Amateur Equipment, C. B. Radios, Short Wave Radios, Stereos, Electronic Organs, Televisions, Industrial Electronics, Sound Equipment.

    The Radiotron Designer's Handbook - Get the 4th Edition of the bible of tube design by Langford Smith on CD for $29.95 +$6.00 shipping from Old Colony, tel. (603) 924 6371. This is a scanned in version in Adobe Acrobat (reader included).

    Searchable Tube Database - enter a tube type and get pinout, characteristic and sub data. Close to 3000 types including transmitting and receiving.

    Soundmind - Dee Almquist, W4PNT, sells new Penta (the newer US made tubes) and also factory rep for Svetlana, as well as, old new stock.

    Svetlana - Russian power and audio tubes, application notes and articles on usage.

    Vacuum Tube Data - data on about 20 audio types.

    Vacuum Tubes Unlimited - Over 1500 types for sale and interesting historical information.

    WA2ISE Pencil Tube Data - over 100 subminiature types.

    Western Electric - this venerable manufacturer is back the tube business!

    TDSL2 - a database search engine which contains links to valve/tube data on the web. It also contains short form data and pinout information on many valves, and a list of substitutes.

    W.J. Ford Surplus Enterprises - tons of tubes for sale.

    VT Components - tubes (Sovtel, IE, Sino, Vaic, Tesla, etc.) and other parts (transformers, caps, resistors, etc.)

    Tube World - tubes, sockets and other parts (resistors, capacitors, transformers)

    Leeds Electronics - These guys have been in New York City since 1923 selling tubes and other parts.

Micronetics Inc - tons of tubes available via mail order from this supplier located in Switzerland.

Ed's Garage - lots of great tubes, audio, antiwue and transmitting types, plus UTC audio iron and other stuff.

Electron Tubes for Industry - these guys have tons of tubes, Triode & PlanarTriode Tubes, Tetrodes & Pentodes, Rectifier, Diode, Thyratron & Ignitron Tubes, Audio Tubes, Receiving Tubes and more!

Radio Electric Supply - New and new old stock in their original boxes of major brands like RCA, GE, Sylvania, Raytheon, Tungsol, and Amperex and Svetlana.

Tubes_Tubes_Tubes - Lots of tubes from Gary-WZ1M

Fun With Tubes - this site feature lots of great tutorials and schematics on various tube radios and audio amps.

Frank's Electron tube Pages - Tube data sheets for almost 10,000 different types, including European and Russian types.

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