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Welcome To
The AM Window Bulletin Board
The purpose of The AM Radio Bulletin Board is to allow AMers around the world to communicate, in a topic based, efficient manner.

You can post technical questions, operating info (frequencies, nets, etc), for sale items, wanted items, requests for information.... almost anything, as long as it is related to AM operation within amateur radio.

If you are new to the board, take a little time, read all the info here and look at the Instructions for Posting. It will likely save you some time and aggravation when you go to post a message.

Rules of Engagement

  • Keep all posts related to AM in the Amateur Radio bands.
  • Include a Name and Call (if appropriate) in each posting. Anonymous and alias posts are not allowed and will be deleted.
  • No abusive posts. Such posts will be deleted.
  • Abusive or anonymous posts will be reported to your Internet Service Provider (ISP).

Posting Suggestions

Please use the following in the Subject line of your postings:

  • For Sale Items Use - FS: Name Your Item
  • Items or Info Wanted, Use - WTD: Name What You Want
  • Otherwise, use words that clearly state the purpose or subject of your post.

Instructions for Posting

Enter The AM Window

Bulletin Board.

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