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                                                                                  AMers On the Web

Bill - W3DUQ - Home of a long time AMer and The Future Net.

Pete - WA1SOV - not only can you see AMers, you can hear them!

Randy - N3LRX - And now for something completely different, Geocaching. 

KD4CPL - Nick - this guy has a lot of neat equipment - Check it out. 

Jim -WA2WHV - lot of good pix. Also check out his WABC page and a VRML trip through a transmitter building. 

Dave - VK3ASE - find out about AM activity in VK-land, sound files too! If you're in Australia, try this link.

Andy - WA4KCY - not only does this guy have lots of cool stuff, he's the Souteast Regional Director for AMI.

Al - W1UX - long time AMer from 1-land with numerous nice pix of his equipment.

Randy - KK7TV - Here's the station of the Southwest Regional Director of AMI.

Gary - W3AM - Not only does this guy have a cool call, he has some cool stuff.

Bruce - W1UJR - Lot's of station pix and other amateur radio info.

Jack - W8AHB - This page is dedicated to telling the story of NikoliaTesla.

John - WA5BXO - Lot's of pix of some of the 5-Land AMers and some good tech info on modulation and audio drivers.

Jeff - W5OMR - another of 5-land AMer. AM is everywhere!

Bry - AF4K - fellow AMer and vintage radio enthusiast has a huge website, including a wealth of links on vintage radio info and parts.

AM Buffalo - A page for several AMers in the Buffalo area.

VE3AAM & Northland Radio - tons of parts and equipment for the serious AMer.

Kiya - JE2CDC - This avid QRPer also runs AM on 6 Meters, including some homebrew rigs. Yes, AM is alive and well in Japan!

Jay - KK5IM - This page feautes beautiful graphics (hey, he's a graphics artist), great photos of AM gear and info on Jays book - The Pocket Guide to Collins Amateur Radio Equipment.

Paul - N5DUP - Home of AM Radios and an E.F. Johnson Site.

Chuck - WA1IIE - This page features pix of Chucks station including his KW-1.

George - K9GDT - This page features Humor, BA's & Homebrew topics and a 75 Meter AM transceiver!

Ron - K9KLT - This site has an excellent info and schematic on a powerline noise cancelling circuit.

Chuck - W9UB - Here's another AMer checking in from Wisconsin, with a bunch of nice station shots.

Mark - K9TR - Lots of pix - BAs, vintage radios, BAs, antennas, BA's... Well you get the picture.

Don - W4YCH - Here's a nice collection of equipment, including some not often seen Howard receivers.

John - WD2AHP - info and links on all kinds of interesting stuff from radio to the awesome computer game Quake.

Carl - WA1KPD - Boatanhors galore!

Ron - K1VYU - Nice photos of his KW rigs, one of which puts out a big signal on 160 meters.

Al - KB8MTZ - beside having a nice collection of radios, Al runs two AM nets on 6 Meters (50.55 Mhz) in the Cleveland, OH area.

Yasu - JR3XUH - Yes, there are AMers in Japan. Check out the homebrew rigs.

Jerry - WA2FNQ - This long time AMer is also into ATV.

Steve - W8TOW - Nice pix of rigs and a story about a Valiant returning to the airwaves.

Mike - VE3FGU - This guy is into AM, bikes and boats! What a combo for fun.

Wayne - VK6FT - AM and boatanchor pursuits are alive and well in Western Australia.

Tim - N3DRB - Home of The Derb and many cool old QSL cards.

Bill - N2CQR - Homebrew and Boatanchors galore!

Tim - N5DVW - This guys has lots of neat radios, and he's into cameras and astronomy.

Ron - WB4GWA - Visit Dr. Ron's station, see lots of great radios and enjoy some music too.

Don - N9OO - James Millen info, the Electric Radio Index and more.

Dave - KC6WFS - Home of Six Meter AM info and radios from dm04.

Charlie - W5AM - Not only does this guy have a great call, he has a great website too.

Powell - W4OPW -Ham radio, weather and storm chaser info.

USS Salem - K1USN - here's the website of USS Salem Radio club featuring photos and info on the radio rooms on the USS Salem museum ship located at Quincy MA. Bob W1QWT, or Brown,W1NZR often fire up the vintage stations on AM for special events.

Bill - KA2EEV - the homepage of a long time AMer and bass player.

David - VK2BA - get the lowdown on Dave's operation on 10 meters. He has worked over 40 U.S. states in the last year. Who says you can't work DX on AM?

Marc F5MAF - Get the scoop on the AM scene in France. It seems AMers are everywhere! Oui!

John - K1DEU - homepage of a long time AMer and a famous cat named Stinky.

Mike - WA5CMI - check out the shack, gear and a great article on a Globe King 500 restoration.

Meir - WF2U - Where Boatanchors rule!

Art - WA5OES - AM and CW from Longmont, CO.

Ron - W6OM - this OMs page covers a rather impressive and wide ranging set of ham activities.

Joe - N3IBX - you'll find lots of old radios on Joe Cro's page.

Mike - KC2KJ - get good info on an ART-13 restoration from Mike's page.

Paul - VE7KHZ - lots of pictures of stuff Paul owns and uses including audio processing gear, boatanchors, broadcast transmitters and more.

Joe - W1GFH - a collection of interesting and funny radio stories and jokes.

Steve - WA1QIX - he has his old call back and a page up with station photos and technical info.

Cristian - LU6HCQ - AM is alive and well in Argentina. Check out Cristian's well appointed station.

Dennis - KA3BVJ - check out the panoramic shots of the radio room.

Bill - KD0HG - get the low down on the Three H's from radio central in Colorado.

Gregg - WA2IAC - lots of great photos and info about Gregg's radio scene and some audio clips too,

The Burbank Wrecking Crew - sounds scarey! But it's the home of three Southern California AMers. Check it out.

Guy - W1FRM - see Guy's homebrew rig, affectionately know as Mr. T.

John - N2IZE - get the low down on John, his station and lots of other stuff.

Kent - K4MK - take a nostaligic walk down memory lane and relieve Kent's ham radio life.

Ron - K4SX - lots of great photos of Ron's stations and antennas.

John - VK5BJE - get the low down on this AMer from down under.

David - KM5TZ - boatanchors, restoration, homebrew - this site has it all!

Ken - W2DTC - lots of phots of Ken's station, numerous other AMers and more.

Marco - PY2CWW - lots of phots of Ken's station, numerous other AMers and more.

Phil - K2PG - home of big broadcast transmitter and other neat stuff.

Jay - N3WWL - check out his Raytheon RA-250!

Larry - W8AMR - from AM to Echolink - lots of good stuff here.

Dan - W8CAR - DX, antennas, boatanchors and more. This guy is into many facets of ham radio.

Steve - K2FW - amateur radio, AM and lots more from the Pinelands of NJ.

Brian - K3VR - get info on reporting interference, radio mods, emergency preparedness and much more.

Neil - KA2CAF - wanna see broadcast transmitters? Check out this site.

Bob - W1QWT - home of The Q and the Great Poohpah.wanna see broadcast transmitter? Check out this site.

Barry - N1EU - tons of great tech info on various radios, AM, antennas on a very nicely done web site.

Larry - W9AMR - home of W9 American Made Radio in South Bend, IN.

Tom - NE7X - take a tour of Tom's shack in Scottsdale, AZ

Jeff - W0XV - check out the big rigs - broadcast transmitter and other big radios.

Norberto - LU8EHA - AM is alive and well in Argentina!

Jorge - LU1DCE - another of the many AMers in Argentina.

Juan - LU1DDL - PDM AM action available here.

Dave - W3NP - Where HEAVY METAL rules & the VACUUM TUBE is still king!!

Chris - N8YHY - Lot's of excellent photos of classic boatanchors.

Terry - KF0HR - Amateur Radio in North Dakota.

Walter - XQ2DWO - AM in Chile!  AM SIEMPRE AM






18 April 2010

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