Ralph - K9VDD

A beautiful display of transmitting tubes complements some fine vintage radio gear. The tubes: (5) 450TL, (2) 833A, (2) 3-500Z, (2) 50T, 4-1000A, VT127, 304TL, 250TH. The gear (L to R): E.F. Johnson Viking 500 transmitter, E. F. Johnson Viking Valiant transmitter, Collins 75A-4 receiver (#1) with NYE Viking MBV-A antenna tuner on top of it, Collins 75A-4 receiver (#2) with Kenwood TS-950SDX transceiver on top of it, Kenwood TL-922A amplifier with Kenwood TS-570D transceiver on top of it, Kenwood Dual 2mtr-440 above the NYE Viking tuner, Kenwood TM-261 2 mtr transceiver & scanner above the valiant. K9VDD homebrew controller (on top of the TS-570D) for the remote, motorized outdoor antenna tuner for 160 & 75 mtr antennas.

Winter 2002




28 April 2002