How I Got Started on Six Meter AM

Dave Booth, KC6WFS


   Six Meter AM has been picking up over the last few years due in part to many older "boatanchor" type radios being fixed up for use and a few articles from various ham radio magazines. Bill Pasternak, WA6ITF came up with something fun two summers ago.

He asked, "Starting in May, how about each of us get on 50.400 Mhz and call CQ at least once a day. We should also post the UTC (or local) time we plan to operate on the vhf-reflector (enter subscribe vhf in the body of message) so the rest of us know when to listen. In that way we become beacons for one another and who knows how many QSO's will result. In a few months we can compare notes here on the reflector and see if SSB is better than AM when 6 is wide open! Any takers for a "fun" experiment?"

This challenge by Bill inspired me to build a web page wrapped around six meter AM DX contacts and a mail box in which everyone could view and log their contacts. There are several logged to date. This eventually sparked my interest in older radios. I now have three Swan 250s, two Heath Sixers, an Ameco TX-62 with VFO, a Clegg Zeus and Clegg Interceptor, tons of tubes and a tube tester.

There is nothing better on six meter AM than the older "glowing" tube radios of the past. The Clegg Zeus/Interceptor combination is a great sounding radio. I use this setup for the SCV Net on Sunday mornings 9:00 AM PST, here just north of Los Angeles California, in grid DM04rk. I get around ten or so check-ins every week!

Below are all the known six meter AM nets in the USA. Please send me and The AM Window information on nets not listed or any changes With the F2 season SLOWLY picking up it will be neat to chat with a lot of new hams on six meter AM from all parts of the USA, as well as many other countries!

Here is the URL of my web page for Six Meter AM.

There also are a lot of neat radios listed there... All boatanchors for 6M.

Six Meter AM Nets

Net Freqy Day Time Zone Location
Toledo Ohio 50.36 Sunday 6:00 AM ET Midwest
Moline Illinois 6M AM Net 50.4 Tuesday 8:00 PM CT Midwest WC9M Net control.
6 Meter SE Mass/Cape Cod Area Net 50.4 Saturday 8:00 AM ET Northeast
Buffalo NY AM Group 50.4 Wednesday 7:30 ET Northeast
Northern PA 6M AM Net 50.4 Saturdays 8:00 PM ET Northeast
The Sunday Morning Coffee Net 50.4 Sunday 9:00 AM ET Northeast This net is one of the oldest continuous VHF nets in the US going back to the beginning of the 5 Meter Band! Washington DC area.
Northwest AM Net 50.4 Sunday and Wednesday 8:00 PM PT Northwest
Central Florida 6M AM Net 50.4 Wednesday 8:00 PM ET Southeast K4DEE usual net control op.
Arizona AM Net 50.4 Saturday 8:00 PM MT Southwest
Saugus California 6 Meter AM Net 50.4 Friday 7:30 PM PT West Coast Net Control - Dave Booth, KC6WFS.
SCV AM Net 50.4 Sunday 9:00 AM PT West Coast SVC CA
 Albany, NY  50.4  Nightly  ?  ET  Northeast  
Southern California 6 Meter Club 50.5 Sunday 10:00 AM PT West Coast
Cleveland Ohio 6 Meter AM Net 50.55 Friday or Saturday 9:00 PM ET Midwest
Cleveland Ohio 6 Meter AM Net 50.55 Sunday 10:00 AM ET Midwest
Cleveland Ohio 6 Meter AM Net 50.55 Tuesday 9:00 PM ET Midwest
Wadsworth Ohio 6 Meter Net 50.55 Sunday 10:00 AM ET Midwest
Media PA 6 Meter Net 50.55 Sunday 9:00 PM ET Northeast
Fort Wayne Indiana 6M AM Net 50.58 Nightly 7:00 PM ET Midwest

See the Nets Section for info on AM Nets on other bands.

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8 December 1998