This self extracting archive (sea) is formated for download in the binhex mode. You'll need Stuffit Expander or MacBinary to decode the file. Once decoded, just double click on the SEA file and the archive will automatically expand. The archive contains the following. (Where *** is a number representing the last issue of ER supported by these files.)

ER Index *** Excel MS Excel (v 4.0) Spreadsheet of ER issues.
ER Index *** CSV Comma-Separated-Value (comma delimited) version of the Excel Spreadsheet.
ER Index *** Text Printable version of the Spreadsheet.
Readme Word Microsoft Word (v 5.1) version of the Readme file.
Readme SimpleText version of the Readme file.

Download the Index erindex121.sea.hqx 292 kbytes

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1 October 1999