These audio clips were recorded from AM QSO's. Most were taken directly from the detector of the receiver (usually a Hammarlund Super Pro Series 200 or National NC-303) onto high quality digital audio tape (DAT) or analog cassette. The IF bandwidths range from 6-18 kHz depending on the prevailing band conditions.

 The recorded audio was input to the computer, either a Mac IIci using a Pro Audio Spectrum 16 digitizer card or a PowerMac G4. Further processing and editing was performed using SoundSculptor II.

 The finished clips were then encoded into the QuickTime or RealAudio formats. The QuickTime clips use 8, 11.025 or 22 kHz sampling and either IMA 4:1 or Qdesign compression. The RealAudio clips were encoded using the 15.2, 16 or 32.4 kbps encoders.