You will need to install browser plug-in software to hear these audio clips. Newer versions of Netscape and Internet Explorer may already have these plug-ins. So, try the clips first, before you get the plug-ins.

 The bad news is that you'll have to download the plug-ins (yea, I know this is a pain in the @#$, but it's a the only way to provide audio over the Web without the files being extremely huge).

 The good news is that the plug-ins are free. Just click on the appropriate icon, either QuickTime or RealAudio and you'll be whisked to the site to get the plug-ins. Follow the instructions and once you have the plug-ins installed, come back here and enjoy the audio.

 And, as an extra bonus, QuickTime 4 lets you add over 200 digital media capabilities and components to your Mac or PC - including streaming audio and video. You will be able to access over 30 different file types, including all the major audio and video types (like WAV, AU, AIFF, AVI and QT). The Quicktime plug-in replaces several plug-ins that you would need to access all these file types. Now you can clean out your plug-in folder and save some RAM when youre running your browser.


Click here to get QuickTime     Click Here for RealAudio